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Monsoon in the city of Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh is one among the foremost incredible hubs in India. With the simplest of nature, architecture, and history, the ‘heart of India’ gives you many reasons to explore this place on some time . What better time there's to explore than monsoon in Madhya Pradesh? When the rain washes down on the gorgeous towns of Madhya Pradesh, the charm and grandeur become more pleasing than ever and therefore the green veil takes everywhere the place. In fact, monsoon in Madhya Pradesh is one among the simplest opportunities to rent a RV and tour round the beautiful towns in one among the most important states in India.

Another reason why should be spending monsoon in Madhya Pradesh 2020 is that while landslides occur within the mountains and beaches are off limits within the rains, the plains of Madhya Pradesh are your only option (a wonderful one, indeed) to require a vacation within the season . the recent weather of Madhya Pradesh also mellows down and becomes more pleasant for sightseeing and exploration.

When monsoon arrives in Madhya Pradesh within the month of July the natural great thing about this place is that it lures travelers. Monsoon remains until the top of September. During this point , the state experiences moderate to heavy downpours. The weather becomes humid and wet but the temperatures remain pleasant throughout the season. the recent summer climate of Madhya Pradesh changes to salubrious, refreshing weather within the monsoon season. The minimum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius and therefore the maximum temperature goes up to 37 degrees Celsius.

The ‘City of Lakes’ becomes all more inviting when it's drenched rain. Monsoon in Madhya Pradesh is unquestionably the simplest time to plan an excursion to the lakes to enjoy the picturesque scenery and balmy weather. Enjoy boating within the lake during the evening or watch the tangerine sunset along side your bae. Even the traffic within the town slows down. The raindrops falling on the lake bed is such a cathartic experience. While you're at it, explore the bylanes of the town where you will find a glimpse of a bygone era and 19th-century Muslim architecture. Bhopal is one of the only places to travel to in Madhya Pradesh during monsoon, so do plan a visit to this interesting town.

Best time to visit: October to March