Always had the dream of owning a hostel and being the driver of a leading business? Starting a hostel could be tough, when you don't know where to start and how to. The most successful franchise and property investment partners share our vision of building a socially responsible, fun & design-led Hostel for our customers. We are focused on engaging social spaces, sharing local cultures and experiences and having a positive impact on our communities. We have social responsibility at the core of what we do, and our hostel partnerships deliver true bottom line value for our people, investors and our communities.

When you invest in a franchise, you're investing in yourself. You're confident that your determination and skills will provide the fuel to power your success. The franchise is the vehicle. It's a well-built, road-tested, fine-tuned machine that's been driven to victory time and time again. So which franchise has the best options and the best price for you? Bistar offers you the opportunity to become a top accommodation provider today. From our side you can expect an experienced brand partner behind you and committed to your success, that has a solid track record in and explosive rates of customer growth. You will receive training, mentor-ship, experience and advice every step of the way we will show you have maximize your investment return by delivering the best customer experience for your customers. We provide a total hospitality solution for you and your hostel. You'll need to have a property or have one identified and be able to commit the level of capital required to make the hostel successful. Once you fill out the form below, our team member will get in touch with you and provide you with all the necessary details.


Sales & Marketing

  • Global Marketing & Web Exposure

  • PR & Promotions

  • Rate optimization

  • Events & Collabs

  • Established Branding & Rapidly Growing Brand Profile

Low Investment & Setup

  • Budgeted Investment

  • Brand Standards & Quality Guarantee

  • Minimal Requirements

  • Design Team Assistance

  • Equipment & System Setup

Ongoing Support 24x7

  • Account & Business Management

  • Legal & Finance Follow-ups

  • Management & Consultancy

  • Audits & Regular Checks

  • Staff Requirement

Training & Operations

  • Franchise Manager

  • Hospitality Service

  • Menu Planning & Safety

  • All Levels of Book Keeping

  • IT & Support

  • Experienced Know-How & Monthly Analysis

Minimal Franchise Fee

  • Monthly Commission

  • 25% of Gross Accommodation Cost

  • Lowest Franchise Model

  • No Franchise purchase cost

  • Reduced OTAs commission and inclusive



A dorm room or dormitory is the profitable part and the main source of your business. This is where your individual travelers can stay for a budgeted cost and will share the space with individuals just like them, keeping them engaged throughout their stay. We consider keeping a Mixed Dorm and a Female Dorm (with attached washroom) in the requirement no matter the bed count. This will create a safety for your solo female travelers to come aboard your hostel.


This room has a slightly higher price than that of your dorm room and having one in the property gives the advantage to attract those couple friendly individuals traveling together. At-least one should be there in the minimum requirement of the setup, along with attached washroom. The private room should entail privacy similar to that of a female dorm and uphold that standard of stay to a deluxe room.


A Cafeteria or a common room is a space where your guests would spend their leisure time together, apart from their rooms. This space not only helps them bond but also have access to Food & Beverage from your kitchen to be served here.The specifics of this space also helps you in organizing events and gathering for various people to participate in.