Can I Cancel my booking?

Yes, as long as you have chosen a refundable rate when you booked. If your rate is not refundable, your booking cannot be cancelled or amended.

What are the cancellation and refund conditions?

Cancellation and refund policies depend on the rate you choose. Please view the conditions when selecting the rate in the booking process.

Can I pay for my bed or room in cash?

If your rate is refundable, you’ll pay when you arrive at the hostel. If your rate is not refundable, the total amount of your stay will be charged when booking.

I haven't received any booking confirmation.

Don’t worry: call us at the hostel directly so that we can confirm your booking.

Do you accept long duration stays?

This would be subjected to availability. But, we definitely to encourage long staying guests.

I'd like to book for a group.

We’ll be happy to welcome you in our Hostel. To make your booking, call on the available number.

If I'm coming with friends, will you put us in the same room?

As long as you have booked the same kind of bed, we’ll do our best to accommodate all of your requests.

Can guests under 18 years old stay in the hostel?

Yes, as long as they stay in a private room with an adult. You can look at the Under 18 Policy, given at the footer of our website.

When can I access my room?

Any time from 12:00 hrs.

What time should I leave the room?

Checkout is at 10:00. If you leave later without prior arrangement, we might charge you extra. If you decide to extend your stay for one or more nights, please tell Reception prior night.

Are there specific times at which I can get in and out of the Hostel during my stay?

No, our Reception is open throughout day. You’ll just have to show your ID at the desk.

Do you have a cloakroom for my luggage?

No, but we do provide lockers for our guest to keep personal items and the luggage.

How do I get to the hostel from the airport? And from the train station?

Have a look at the location page of the website and check out our directions or you can call for better assistance

Is there a hairdryer in the room?

Both private and female rooms are equipped with a hairdryer. If your booking doesn’t include it, you can borrow one from Reception.

Are there towels in all rooms?

All our private rooms come with towels. If you’re staying in a shared room, you can rent them at Reception.

Do you accept pets?

Sorry, we only accept dogs in private rooms and if the food and bedding are taken care of.

Can I have parcels delivered at the Hostel and pick them up the day I arrive?

Yes, as long as you inform us in advance by email or call. Otherwise, we might send the parcel back.

Is there bed linen?

Of course, we provide you with all the necessary bedding.

Can I invite people over at the Hostel?

Everyone is welcome, but you may not go in your room with guests if you share it with other people. In this case, feel free to use the common areas.

Do you have laundry service?

Yes, you can check out the rates with the reception of the Hostel.

Do you hold events at the Hostels?

Yes, have a look at our events tab or events highlight on our social media. If you're a creative brand or a freelancer and wish to hold an event at our Hostel platform by reaching out to our guests and gain audience; this is the place for you. We always encourage collaboration and also give a platform to hold gatherings / retreats or workshops. Fill out the form that is on our Join Us tab.

Can I organize a party at your Hostel?

Yes, write or call directly to the Hostel you’re interested in and tell us what you have in mind.

Can I cook at your Hostel?

Yes, though it’s best you write or call directly to the Hostel in order to get information on the kitchen facilities.

Do you serve lunch and dinner?

You’ll be able to enjoy lunch and dinner at the cafe in our hostels. You can also check options for food walks and other such activities to beat your hunger.

Can I buy food outside and eat it in your Hostel?

Yes, no problem, as long you don’t eat it in the room. We have a common area with tables and utensil.

What are the room types offered for long stays?

Each of our hostels has different offerings when it comes to room types. Hence, we have kept a private room and a dorm room as the two basic categories for you to choose from. The rates, however, vary for both private rooms and dorm rooms with each destination. Moreover, we are only accepting a handful of long-stay bookings, so the availability for the same is strictly limited.

If I am staying at the hostel for long, will I be allowed to self cook?

The option of self-cooking will be available as per the property discretion only. The reason behind this is solely safety protocols, which are the top priority at the moment, considering the COVID-19 outbreak.

Do your hostels provide office like infrastructure like WiFi, work stations, etc.?

All our hostels are equipped with the best possible internet connectivity that is available in their respective regions. For you to get comfy and work without distractions, we have multiple indoor and outdoor spaces in every hostel, which make your work from home comfortable, refreshing, and efficient.