There’s much to explore within the city with its towering mosques, old havelis and crowded bazaars. There’s also plenty to see around the city from ancient caves to old Buddhist monasteries. Plenty of excursions from our hostel including Food Walks, Bar Crawls, Workshops and other such activities. What makes it even more interesting is that there are quite a few beautiful and interesting places where you can go from here, by road. And who doesn’t love a road trip!


City Tours


See the City from a local perspective and be prepared to soak up Food, Culture, Traditional activities, History, Architecture, Adventure with an identity of its own, end up loving every sense of being Bhopali! Well informed and knowledgeable tours around major landmarks in the city.



Food Walks

When it comes to a food trail, the best place that one can start with is Bhopal. Not that huge on the travel map, Bhopal hides a lot of amazing charms that will keep your taste buds craving for more. Whether it is Suleimani Chai or non-vegetarian delights of Chatori Gali, everything is out of the world.

Bar Crawl


Explore the nightlife and best bars and pubs of Bhopal with us. Join as we take you to the most happening places in the town and taste the most exotic and best drinks in each bar with great music and company of awesome people from around the world.


BBQ Party


The barbeque, BYOB party is something that all guests wait for. Tandoor, meat, cheese, and even veggies smoke hot here. Bonfire, acoustic music and a perfect opportunity to meet travelers.


Road Trips


Bhopal is backed up with fascinating history and monumental sites, in and around the city. Join us on a road trip to fascinating sites and meet travel companions from around the world!



Sponsored Events

If you're a creative brand or a freelancer and wish to hold an event at our Hostel platform by reaching out to our guests and gain audience; this is the place for you.



India is a country full of diverse culture, traditions and festivals. Get the perks and experiences to be involved in these festivities, while witnessing the traditional way of celebrating them.


Culinary Workshops


Hands on experience with learning knowledge of techniques and flavor profiles in these workshops. Learn Baking and exquisite cuisines from pros in the industry.


Movie Nights


Our own comfy open air theater with array of films right from underrated gems to mind fuck genre. It's about the experience as a whole: sitting in a lush green field, watching the movie you love, munching on the food you like...



Cultural Dinner

Local cultural dinner courses of the city's delicacies and live counters. find the taste of the city right at the place of your stay and plenty of opportunities to interact with the travelers, as well as locals.